Saturday, November 9, 2013

how to... simple handmade buttons!

 My first scrappy love is BUTTONS and I love to make my own from all sorts of materials and mediums.
So lets start with those paper collections we all buy. Don't you just love the cover that shows you a sample of each one, now I used to throw that cover sheet out until I realized that I could just use some of my punches to make a few funky buttons to coordinated with my projects.

 Step 1: Gather together assorted shaped punches and hole punch. And any paper sample covers that's lying about.

Step 2: Trim pattern sample cover sheet down. So that it's easier to work with.

Step 3:  Punch out a shape from all the squares. Then use your hole punch and punch a couple of buttons holes.

Now you have a stock pile of funky cool buttons already for you to create your card or layout.
  and here's a page I made using some of the handmade buttons.

"laugh out loud"

Tip: For firmer and  thicker buttons punch out some chipboard the same size and adhere to paper button.

Cheers Leeann Pearce

Please Note: Any questions will be answered in the comments section.

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