Sunday, November 17, 2013

how to... graphic backgrounds!

Gather together a few tools...
white card stock, a ruler, pencil, compass, gelatos or watercolor pencils/paints

Step 1: Start anywhere you desire on your base card stock, & using your compass and pencil draw a heap of circles. 

Step 2: Once you have finished creating all your circles, grab your ruler and pencil and draw lines from the centre to the circle many as you like...

Step 3: Grab your gelato's and start to color in a random number of shapes.

Step 4: Apply water to your finger tips and rub the colors; keep adding water to your fingers to achieve a washed out look. 

Step 5: Allow to dry and then scrap it! 

and the end result
"a ray of sunshine"

thanks and i hope you were inspired!

Please Note: Any questions will be answered in the comments section.

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