Sunday, November 17, 2013

how albums

Step 1: Gather some supplies together. Scraps of pattern paper,  copy paper, twine, journal tags, buttons, washi tape, distress inks etc. 

Step 2: Trim your pattern paper to measure 5" x 11". Trim the copy paper to measure 4.5" x 10" ( you can do this in bulk all at once).You want the copy paper to be smaller for inside pages. Once trimmed, fold the paper in half and place on the trimmed pattern paper.

Step 3:  Place the book half  way into sewing machine,  use the fold as a guide line and stitch up and down a few times. 

Step 4: Flip book over and grab some twine. Place twine in the middle of book and machine 'zig-zag' twine in place. This is so you can wrap the twine around the book and keep it closed.

Step 5: Now just decorate parts of the mini book with inks, washi tape and tags.

Step 6: Decorate the front with washi tape and a blank journal tag.

Step 7: Decorate twine with buttons and wrap around the book and loop to close.

the end result 
I made two mini books and decorated a few more pages randomly with bags and washi tape and distress inks. 

thanks and i hope you were inspired!

Please Note: Any questions will be answered in the comments section.

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  1. Wonderful albums.Totally going to make one today.:-)